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The Change We Need and The Voice We Deserve.

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Meet André Richmond


Orange County Native

My family has long standing roots in Orange County. My grandmother grew up in Northern Orange County and was a committed cook in the Orange County Jail and domestic worker. My grandfather, affectionately known as Cathammer, played for the Hillsboro All-Stars Negro Baseball Team, delivered groceries for Forrest Brothers Grocery, and later worked as a bus driver for the Orange County Department on Aging. My father, Vernon, served in the United States Army and is a Vietnam Veteran who now volunteers most of his time with the Blinded Veterans Association. My mother, Louise, was a product of Orange County Schools graduating from Central High School, the then all black high school in Hillsborough, now known as Hillsborough Elementary. My mother was a dedicated nurse at UNC Hospital.

I was raised in Orange County and grew up in downtown Hillsborough, two blocks from the Burwell School. I am a proud product of the Orange County Schools System. I attended Cameron Park Elementary School, A.L. Stanback and Stanford Middle Schools, and graduated from Orange High School in June of 1998. During those years, I built lasting relationships with my classmates and teachers because of the importance my mother placed on education, respect, and community. After high school, I was fortunate to earn a job within the Orange County Schools System as a Teacher's Aide, Bus Driver, and Assistant Basketball Coach. I have also had the pleasure of working with the Autistic Program at Grady Brown Elementary School.

In 2004, I met my lovely wife, Denelle, and in 2005, we married. We joined my three children, Déja, Armani, and A.J., with her four children, Kristin, Tiffani, Lauren, and Jacob to create our beautiful blended family.

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My Experience

When I turned twenty-one, just after 9/11, I applied and received the job as a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff's Office after I was encouraged by my 6th grade DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officer, Sergeant Regina Richardson. Throughout the years, I have worked in the jail, and I gained valuable community experience working patrol. My passion to serve my community and the children in it came full circle when I was appointed to the position of School Resource Officer in 2009, a position I had long awaited after my experience within Orange County Schools.


I transitioned into the investigation division becoming a juvenile investigator which provided me greater insight into the struggles our children and families face. This gave me greater purpose towards becoming a solution. I was given that opportunity once again as I returned to the position of School Resource Officer, now as a Captain supervising the School Resource Officer Division. I have always enjoyed working with children and making a positive impact on their lives. Those are the reasons I've continued to find my passion as a school resource officer for 12 years.

I remember the huge impact Sergeant Richardson had on my life, and I want to do the same for others. Sergeant Richardson impressed upon me the importance of giving back and making a difference through the work you do. Following her footsteps, I became a DARE Officer and have taught the course for years to thousands of fifth-grade students throughout the Orange County Schools System.


When I'm not working, I volunteer with several organizations including My Brothers and My Sisters Keeper Board of Orange County, SECU Advisory Board US 70 Branch, Orange County Department on Aging Intergenerational Senior Resource Team, Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth Advisory Committee and Volunteers for Youth Board. I also previously served on the Orange County/Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Additionally, I currently serve as head of security at my place of worship, Lattisville Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Meet Andre



Why I'm Running


I love my county, my town, my job, and the children and families throughout Orange County. I am running for a position on the Orange County Schools Board of Education. Our Orange County schools have been and will continue to be a focal point in my life. I believe that our children deserve our best; they deserve every opportunity we can give them to succeed.


     But in order to make sure our children have what they need to succeed in school, we need a change on the Orange County School Board. By electing me, you can help bring about that change. My top priorities include:


  • EXPANDED COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. Expanding community engagement and volunteer opportunities for our students, and ensuring that teachers have the time and resources needed to do what they do best: teaching engaging with, and inspiring our children.

  • EMBRACING DIVERSITY. Embracing and encouraging diversity within our schools - Our children succeed when they see themselves in the ones who are teaching them. Our staff should reflect the communities they serve. We can achieve this through stronger recruiting of minority teachers and staff.

  • SECURITY & SAFETY. Focusing on the security and safety of our students and staff - This has always been a priority for me. I want to improve security and safety by requiring quarterly meetings with the Orange County Schools Cabinet and Administration, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Fire and Emergency Services Agencies to create a more unified collaboration. This will help to ensure that changes and policies developed under State and Federal guidelines are current and implemented.

I see the greatness our schools have within them, but I also recognize that there is room for improvement and a need for change. We can bring about that change together by focusing on volunteerism and volunteer support, bringing diversity into our schools, and ensuring safe and secure schools. I want to be the voice for all of our families, teachers, staff, and especially our children. Please join me on this journey as we work together to give our children the education and hope for the future they deserve!

Why I'm Running




Please make checks payable to André Richmond for OCS and send to:

103 Norwood Court

Mebane, NC  27302

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